Engage the leading M&A integration and carve-out experts.
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We prepare companies for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, and help private equity firms make platform acquisitions throughout the United States and globally.

Executive Training: Integration Essentials For Platform Acquisitions

The Penn Club of New York, October 5th, 2017
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From ramping up your team, selecting the right supporting software tools, and planning for day one and beyond, we are here to help. Contact Scott Whitaker in Atlanta or Stefan Hofmeyer in San Francisco to learn more about practices that makes our team the leaders in efficient and effective post merger integration and separation consulting.

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Who We Are

We are a global management consultancy focused on post-merger integration. We believe that deep M&A experience is more valuable to our clients than large consultant teams. We strive to transfer our core integration knowledge to your internal integration teams — a unique offering in the consulting industry.


We concentrate on what we do – M&A integration and separation.

Our experts roll up their sleeves to actively be part of your team.

We have local integration experience wherever your acquisition is. We can be your extended team anywhere.

We understand the complexities and risks of doing M&A across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries.

While we are working with you, we are part of your organization, transferring our knowledge to your team.

We are all M&A experts. We do not engage juniors.

Our ‘knowledge economy’ structure provides the freedom to ensure that you get the best team, not just our available team.

We are independent and will not sell you other services.

We bring a positive outlook to maximize transformation potential.

With no staff utilisation constraints or fancy offices, we have lower overheads and pass this value on to you.

USA Partner Contacts: Scott Whitaker, Atlanta, GA
+1 404-431-7508 | scott@gpmip.com
Stefan Hofmeyer, San Francisco, CA
+1 415-738-8109 x168 | stefan@gpmip.com
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