At Global PMI Partners we work with clients across many industry sectors. Our approach to consulting necessarily requires teamwork and collaboration with you because we believe that no one external knows your industry or your business like you do. However, financial services trends and specifics do impact M&A strategy and execution which vary from other industries. We understand these and bring lessons, customized solutions and proven experience from other financial services M&A deals.

Industry trends

  • Banks reacting to big political events (US elections and their impacts on US trade policy; Brexit in Europe and its impact on “pass porting”)
  • Strong capital/liquidity regulatory constrains
  • Cost reductions will enforce the adoption of new operating models
  • Fintech companies will paly a more important role
  • Faster payment systems
  • Cybersecurity will increase
  • Lending marketplaces expected to grow
  • Confidence towards Robo-Advisors slowly growing

M&A trends

  • High Regulatory constrains will impact on market consolidation
  • Blockchain groups development
  • Shared services companies in order to mutualize costs; companies offering end-to-end digital services

PMI challenges specific to this sector

  • M&A is critically subject to regulatory both from a strategical (pre-deal) perspective and from an implementation (Post-deal) perspective
  • When a new shared service centre is created in order to mutualize costs, a particular care must be applied
  • Cultural challenges in particular in customer facing roles in order to guarantee a common perception by the client
  • Definition and adoption of new technologies at the same time of the merger

How we can help

  • Support cross-border acquisitions via local expertise and IMO expertise
  • Provide competency on strategic use of technology
  • Support carve-out programs in portfolio reorganisation strategies

Global PMI Partners specific value prop

  • International presence in all major Financial areas (UK, US, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, UAE, Brazil, China)
  • Very significant IT strategy expertise
  • High-leverage consulting model – optimisation of internal skills

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