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Recent Culture, Change & Communication experience


Organization Design & Leadership Selection

We support to avoid pitfalls and maximize the expected result from newly integrated organization and new leadership members.

Client challenges

  • Inconsistency between M&A strategy and organization design
  • Pay little attention to the inability or little experience for top managements to integrate other entities
  • Errors in selecting new leadership
  • Loss of critical key talents and many low performers
  • Malfunction of new organization due to insufficient communication

How we can help

  • Design appropriate organization that aligns with integration strategy to satisfy business goals
  • Support to identify leadership members, retain key talent and maximize their contributions
  • Facilitate for new leadership members to implement organization effectively and generate the expected business results

Key benefits

  • Grand design for new organization including decision making process
  • Assessment and identification of key talents
  • Methodology and process for functional design and deployment
  • Template for role and responsibility
  • Design and implementation support for integration workshops

Lessons learnt

  • Set legal financial integration as a first step and then develop practical functional organization
  • Need to know legal restriction for new leadership selection by country or region
  • Control resistance force within organization by using sufficient and appropriate communication
  • Utilize appropriate methodologies to initiate new organization quickly

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