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Recent Customized Playbooks experience


Customized Playbooks

Our integration playbooks are customized for each client based on their specific requirements and user needs. We do them for companies who need a structured process and readymade tools to help them be handle acquisitions as efficiently as possible.

Client challenges

  • Inconsistent approach to managing post acquisition planning and execution
  • Inability to transfer experience and knowledge from one integration team to another
  • Undocumented processes, roles and responsibilities for integration activities
  • No established tools and templates to harvest efficiencies

How we can help

  • Applicable to all acquisition scenarios (bolt-on, platform consolidations, adjacent market acquisitions, vertical integrations etc.)
  • Flexibility to accommodate varying transaction sizes and levels of complexity
  • Accommodations for geographic nuances & integration requirements
  • Applicability to full, functional and/or partial integration scenarios

Key benefits

  • Facilitate a structured approach and methodology to integrating newly acquired companies
  • Provides modularity so that process and tools aligned with your most common transaction scenarios
  • Provide reusable tools and templates to support integration activities ranging from Day 1 thru the first 100 Days
  • Easy to train & implement

Lessons learnt

  • “Playbooks” consist of templates but do not include a proven methodology
  • Processes are poorly documented and difficult to scale or replicate
  • No training on playbook application for IMO users
  • Playbook is not updated to harvest learnings from recently completed integration activities