M&A Training

Global PMI Academy logoWe can help your company improve its M&A knowledge, in particular its ability to conduct the Due Diligence and Post-Merger Integration processes as well as understand the M&A process, logic and risks associated.

Upcoming training events

Event NameDatesDurationLocation
Playbook Essentials Work SessionAvailable through June 29th, 2018 on demandThree HoursSan Francisco, Atlanta, Online
M&A Integration CourseApril 19-20, 20182 +1 DaysBrussels
M&A Integration CourseJune 7-8, 20182 +1 DaysAmsterdam
M&A Integration CourseAugust 16-17, 20182 +1 DaysLondon
M&A Integration CourseSeptember 20-21, 20182 +1 DaysZurich
M&A Integration CourseOctober 18-19, 20182 +1 DaysSingapore
M&A Integration Planning Essentials for Executives
Inquire All DayInquire

Client challenges

  • Having the passion and funds to acquire and lack of understanding of the M&A complexity.
  • Starting an M&A process with no past experience as an organization or individual experience of members of the management team.
  • Organizations might have some Knowledge about certain M&A aspects but lack knowledge about others

How we can help

  • We can tailor made training programs to our customers allowing them to learn about the following areas:
  • The M&A process
  • The different phases of M&A
  • Risks and challenges in the M&A process, etc.
  • We can provide tailor made simulations and M&A games to practise before the real thing

The course includes:

  • Course materials (paper and electronic format)
  • 8 hours personal coaching in the 90 days following the course
  • Integration readiness diagnostic tool

Key benefits

  • Customers can close all M&A related knowledge gaps before jumping to the “deep water”.
  • Simulations and M&A games provide a good experience allowing new “entrants” to get ready.
  • Customers can reinforce / improve areas where they feel they are weak, not up to date.
  • These learning and development programs bring exec teams together allowing them quicker start

Lessons learnt

  • These trainings focus on what is important, therefore build and capture value
  • Participating in these trainings enhance a common foundation for success
  • Participating in these programs Incorporate the latest in M&A best practices proven globally thus allowing customers to learn the relevant lessons in variety of industries and geographies.