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Recent Carve-Out Day 1 Planning experience


Carve-Out Day 1 Planning

‘Day 1’ Carve-out activities usually entails a variety of activities spread over an array of functional areas. In order to keep all those tasks properly managed, these activities should be properly planned.

Client challenges

  • Carving out an activity out of a company entails a variety of activities. Managing this type of process is essential.
  • Key tasks that are not conducted on day 1 usually affect the pace and process sequence.
  • Stockholders are expecting to get the process conducted fast in order to be able to improve organization efficiency and effectiveness fast.

How we can help

  • Identify clearly all the stakeholders
  • Manage the communication towards the stakeholders in order to manage the expectations
  • Reduce the risk of failure
  • Make the relevant managers come on board of the project
  • Offer external resources to support the process and wherever needed replace function within the organization.

Key benefits

  • Commitment of the board
  • Commitment of the managers
  • Clients’ expectations managed
  • Reduced impact on Business as Usual impact

Lessons learnt

  • Doing the homework to define the business for sale and to develop a comprehensive understanding of how the business interacts with the selling parent is key.
  • Control versus speed; there is always a balancing act when going to market with a divestment plan.
  • Seller should clearly define the business for sale and its ingredients.
  • Build out a team carefully to manage the divestitures.

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