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Integration Strategy & Design (ISD)

We can help you package all the elements of analysis and experience that will support a fast start and seamless delivery process.

Client challenges

  • Multiple teams (Strategy, M&A, Tax & Legal, Businesses) with different perspectives and information
  • Limited involvement of operational managers (confidentiality problem)
  • Fragmented or even inconsistent integration strategy and plan
  • Unclear priorities or workstream interdependencies
  • Lack of global oversight and programme governance

How we can help

  • Capture the key strategic goals into the PMI plan
  • Challenge potential risks and interdependances
  • Build a high-level integration strategy framework and stress-test it
  • Build the PMO approach (scoping, staffing, methods) on the basis of the Integration Strategy
  • Secure the follow-up of the key strategic objectives (KPI’s)

Key benefits

  • Simple and global view of the Integration priorities and plan
  • Consistency between deal goals and delivery phase
  • PMO used as a mean to execute the deal strategy
  • Focus
  • Risk mitigation plans well embedded in the overall integration approach
  • Simple communication

Lessons learnt

  • Start by a 360° understanding of the strategic goals (no hidden agenda, covers all functions on buy and sell-side)
  • Link the strategic goals to the implementation plan and priorities
  • Leverage DD inputs as they come
  • Integration Manager in charge – will have to implement later
  • Should be leveraged for the blueprint

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