At Global PMI Partners we work with clients across many industry sectors. Our approach to consulting necessarily requires teamwork and collaboration with you because we believe that no one external knows your industry or your business like you do. However, telecommunications hardware trends and specifics do impact M&A strategy and execution which vary from other industries. We understand these and bring lessons, customized solutions and proven experience from other telecommunications hardware M&A deals.

Industry trends

  • Continue to be the center for many innovation and disruptive technology as mobile devices and applications such as video streaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and mPayments grow
  • Seeking opportunity for increased revenue from both their core broadband connectivity business (5G) and from new products and services via mobile contents and smart devices such as Smart cities, “connected” cars and “smart” homes, wearables, etc.
  • Moving away from proprietary, hardware-based network equipment to software-based network functions

M&A trends

  • Opportunity for cross-sector M&A (telecom + media, telecom + tech)
  • Collaboration with key players in industries such as retail, automotive, or healthcare is a way for carriers to expand their business.
  • Telco companies might be acquired by content providers

PMI challenges specific to this sector

  • Finding the right degree of integration (synergies, cost savings) vs autonomy (innovations & creativities)
  • Optimization of technological possibilities and costs
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Talent retention
  • Cultural differences – traditional telco vs. technological companies

How we can help

  • Integration support from DD to implementation
  • Cultural Due Diligence, IT Integration
  • Carve out services (TSAs)
  • Integration skills and playbook to support serial acquisition strategies
  • Cross-border support

Global PMI Partners specific value prop

  • Expertise in the TMT industry – capacity to bridge cultures and understand strategic challenges
  • Presence in very active markets (US, UK, China & India)
  • Expertise in the telecom sector
  • Expertise in the IT & Tech segments

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