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Recent Culture, Change & Communication experience


Culture, Change & Communication

We can help your company bridge the cultural gaps and differences, manage the change process and enhance clear and constant communication plan.

Client challenges

  • Integrating contradicting cultures
  • Lack of internal capabilities of managing complex change processes
  • Poor internal communications due to lack of proper communication plan or capabilities.
  • Misunderstanding of the process and its importance leading to misalignment and frustration.

How we can help

  • Assess the cultures (national, organizational) and build a plan to align and close the cultural gaps.
  • Capture the key communications messages and audiences to compile a 6-12 comms plan
  • Align our expertise with the customer’s standards, costumes and DNA to improve performance in these areas.
  • Build the customers’ Culture, Change & Communication approach.

Key benefits

  • Alignment of the merged organization around transparent communications plan.
  • Understanding of different types of cultures and the way of approaching them and their differences
  • Smoother management of the Post-Merger integration process.
  • On going learning process to improve the organization’s mode of handling these areas.

Lessons learnt

  • Culture shouldn’t be taken lightly, key issues in M&As and Post-Merger Integration that may damage the process usually lay in this area.
  • As much as the cultures are closer to one another, the smoother the PMI process is.
  • There is no over communicating. Acquiring company should plan its communication around a variety of tools, channels, target audience, etc.

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