What is Integration Due Diligence?

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Integration Due Diligence

We can help your company define the role and purpose of due diligence within the context of integration planning, and bridge from diligence to integration.

Client challenges

  • Separate and disconnected Deal and integration teams
  • Unrealistic synergy targets
  • Lack of readiness for integration
  • Unquantified integration costs
  • High and/or unknown integration risks
  • Too many assumptions being made

How we can help

  • Establishing a robust and secure process for harvesting and distributing target company information
  • Identifying unique dynamics of the target company that impact integration planning
  • Prioritizing information around HR, IT and other key areas to expose potential risks and issues

Key benefits

  • Integration DD Report
  • Risk mitigation
  • Clear reporting to Board on integration plans
  • End-to-end thinking and planning starts early in M&A lifecycle
  • Integration experts lead diligence of integration areas, less assumptions

Lessons learnt

  • Deal and integration teams often disconnected
  • Deal rationale, target information and assumptions not communicated to integration teams
  • Realisation of synergies often fail when synergies defined without integration experience
  • Early integration planning results in achievement of deal objectives