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Recent Pre- & Post-Implementation Reviews experience


Pre- & Post-Implementation Reviews

We assist you in auditing your past performance and securing the best knowledge capture process for your future projects

Client challenges

  • How to capture all the knowledge accumulated on a project to diminish risks and reduce time-to-deliver on the next PMI projects?
  • How to ensure a dynamic and ever-improving view of the organisation and methods used in PMI projects?
  • How to improve the in-house PMI capabilities and build a truly innovative and differentiative set of skills?

How we can help

  • Design and pilot test the first PIR’s before it is systematised as part of the M&A/PMI process
  • Build on our our expertise and experience to analyse and assess past projects
  • Provide an independent and fact-based viewpoint to be leveraged by all internal stakeholders (as an audit report)

Key benefits

  • Formalise and track all the elements that may influence the success of future projects
  • Provide a tracking of past projects – build a virtuous knowledge loop that match internal corporate strategy and patterns
  • Improve the capabilities of new integration managers – synthesis of past lessons learnt
  • Build the process as a strategic one

Lessons learnt

  • Review lessons learnt through a systematic list of activities and tasks
  • Interview all major stakeholders from strategy to detailed implementation
  • Identify all the tools/methods to be re-used – save in a central repository
  • Identify and position clearly the ownership of this PIR – M&A? Strategy? Performance Improvement? Audit?

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