The Art of Successfully Delivering M&A Value

2021 M&A Industry Survey 1

We are delighted to present the findings and insights from our annual M&A survey. There is no question that it has been a mixed year for M&A across most industry sectors, as businesses have been dealing with, and then responding to, the pandemic shock. Rapid shifts to new, remote ways of working have of course been accommodated, not just for cross-border deal making, but also domestic. This has perhaps accelerated an underlying trend, as the need for travel reduces, encouraged by the more intense focus on the ESG agenda.

We have found, though, that the fundamentals of completing successful M&A projects have not changed. Not just to the art of getting the deals done, notably in diligence phase, but most importantly, the recognition from senior executives and M&A practitioners alike that increased investment and capabilities to plan and deliver the value of their deals post-signing is paying dividends.

Our survey report looks at each stage of the deal lifecycle, drawing on the wealth of M&A experience of respondents from all industry sectors and business functions, M&A roles, levels of seniority and of course geographical base. Key insights have been developed from successful M&A projects and focus on those areas deemed to be most significant to underpin the reliable delivery of value.

At Global PMI Partners, we continue to strive to be at the forefront of thinking to help our clients continually deliver great M&A projects and our views resonate with our survey respondents in our concluding section on those areas that still need improvement to further enhance chances of M&A success.

Our thanks to all survey respondents, contributors and the team that has produced the report.

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Chris Charlton

United Kingdom

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Michael Holm


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Scott Whitaker


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