M&A Post-Merger Integration Advisor of the Year 2018

The United Kingdom Acquisition International Magazine announces Global PMI Partners as the M&A Post-Merger Integration Advisor of the Year for 2018. Acquisition International awards are “to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.”

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Global PMI Partners began as a network of small independent M&A integration firms and professionals, with offices worldwide, that wanted to provide a new approach to supporting and advising clients through M&A programmes. Andrew Scola takes time to provide us with an overview of the firm.

Previously the reserve of big strategy and consulting firms, mature markets and forward-thinking clients were waking up to the benefits that smaller specialists could bring, working collaboratively with each other and in-house teams. Although our Partners and Associates come from dozens of different countries, we were culturally aligned on one thing from the beginning – the way in which we work with our clients: small teams of senior experts -sometimes just one- embedded within client teams during this extraordinary time in their corporate journey.

“When it comes to results, GPMIP has a reputation for delivering consistently and accelerating integration programmes with cultural awareness.”

This strong purpose became our common differentiator and over the years has driven us closer together. It resonates well with the core issue that most companies are dealing with, and frankly puts them off working with consultants. Today, Global PMI Partners is a growing consulting firm specialising in acquisition integration. Our international team of experts helps companies globally build lasting local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. We work across industry sectors with corporations of different sizes, as well as private equity firms, on integration and carve-out programmes from the targeting phase through announcement, deal close, integration planning and to the delivery of the individual integration projects.

When it comes to results, GPMIP has a reputation for delivering consistently and accelerating integration programmes in a way that is different for how companies are used to working. This approach has been highly successful for our clients. However, we do it in a different way. We recognise that every deal context is unique. Where others force a rigid one-size-fits-all process on to clients, we’re valued for our dynamic, customised approach to the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to an integration’s success. We listen to the challenge a client has and the outcome they would like to see, then tailor our methods and tools to deliver this. Our experts become embedded within our clients, collaboratively managing the process and the right programme team.

Our clients work with us because of our experience and our approach. They know that the person providing senior council every day is a seasoned operational M&A expert who has been there and done that many times before, but is also willing to roll their sleeves up and focus on the details. We bring to the table a wealth of industry experience, as well as big strategy and consulting insight, and we continue to challenge ourselves. We have a lot of interest from applicants about coming to work with us, and whilst we’re growing fast and always looking for talented and experienced consultants, we try to work with people we’ve worked with before, and we don’t bring on any juniors.

“We’re valued for our dynamic, customised approach to the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to an integration’s success.”

As well as delivering for clients, we also love driving M&A theory around integrations and carve-outs. Our Partners have written numerous books on M&A, including Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions. We host M&A conferences, lecture at leading business schools (Imperial College, Pepperdine, Wharton), run our own international training programme, lead global M&A surveys, publish in newspapers and journals and have a series of webinars, white papers, videos, podcasts and blogs.

The cyclical nature of M&A, along with changing regulation, tax, competition law, social implications of deals and protectionism means that M&A integration is always changing. Our clients are changing, as are their needs in the fast-pasted business environment in which we now all operate.

At GPMIP we are always learning and adapting to these contextual changes, which are often both opportunities and challenges for our industry and our clients. Our company culture reflects this attitude; entrepreneurial at heart with a shared vision of the new age of consulting and an agile nature for the opportunities that lie ahead.

The knowledge economy has challenged the traditional consulting model and offers smart companies not only much greater value from external specialists, but also much more flexibility and higher satisfaction levels. As GMPIP comes up to its 10th anniversary next year, we are leading the field as the only independent global consultancy focused on post-merger integration and separation. We’re delighted to win this award and be recognised as the M&A Post-Merger Integration Advisor of the Year 2018.

Global PMI Partners specializes in post-merger integration (PMI) services that help mid-market companies bring acquired company operations, technology, and culture into alignment. With offices in 8 countries, we are ready to help you plan and execute a PMI plan, tailored to your organization, to effectively control the risks that can come with a merger or acquisition.

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