“Long Tail” integration activity delivers value to management, employees, customers, and shareholders. Global PMI Partners has extensive experience developing strategy and optimizing operating models of newly combined entities. We help our clients navigate the many opportunities and interdependencies associated with complex, large, and cross-border M&A deals.

PMO MobilizationSM

Global PMI Partners’ Integration Management Office (IMO) to Project Management Office (PMO) transition services are for companies growing through acquisition and requiring an increased level of corporate maturity. After the acquisition and the first phase of integration, IMO to PMO Transition establishes right-sized governance, tools, and process to initiate and manage enterprise projects, including longer tail integration projects, on an ongoing basis.

Client Challenges:

  • Misalignment between project initiatives and corporate strategy
  • Lack of visibility and prioritization of critical project initiatives
  • Poor communication to and performance of project team members
  • Project delays due to overtasked or unavailable resources
  • Delivery inconsistency and lack of quality control
  • Relying on undocumented approaches of limited team members

Deliverables and Value:

PMO governance, tools, and process tailored to the specific needs of the organization’s target maturity.  This includes:

  • Corporate strategy-driven project prioritization and change management
  • Project planning, including resource leveling and stakeholder management
  • Budgeting, risk mitigation, and oversight of project execution and control
  • Established, repeatable project process
  • Successful project closeout and lessons learned for continuous process improvement


Article: Developing Maturity in Acquisitive Organizations: Converting IMOs to PMOs

Optimization Services – Business Workstream Management

Staffing an IMO (Integration Management Office) or CMO (Carve-Out Management Office) can often be difficult due to internal bandwidth or lack of experience. While Global PMI Partners’ process prefers to leverage internal expertise as much as possible, inevitably there are scenarios where additional workstream support is needed to help plan and manage critical workstreams like HR, IT, Communications, Supply Chain, Operations etc. We have a robust bench of experienced experts in a variety of functional disciplines whom we can tap to help, and who can act as a transparent and seamless extension of our client’s internal teams.

Client Challenges:

  • Limited bandwidth for functional leads assigned to a project
  • Business as Usual to be managed while the integration is going on
  • Lack of deep subject matter expertise for specific industries or functional workstreams
  • Limited experience with integration and/or carve-out transactions

Deliverables and Value:

  • Seamless transition to client internal team
  • Prepare a detailed plan for each work stream
  • Keep the activities of each work stream aligned with other work streams and with the overall project
  • Monitor the day by day progress and expedite the solutions of any issues that could arise
  • Transition work to internal resource when appropriate
  • Guarantee an adequate level of quality in the delivery


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