About this course

This 2-hour program covers the core competencies for Change Management during M&A Integration. Topics covered include​:

Hour 1 – Overview of change management 

  • Change management overview
  • Change management implementation

Hour 2 – Change management for M&A

  • Overlay change management into integration processes
  • Examples
Mike Gomez


  • Executive with 15+ years of experience leading M&A integration initiatives & other strategic projects to success.
  • Experience with initiating & executing highly visible initiatives based on mergers & acquisitions, product & service integrations, team integrations & organizational changes.

Who should attend

IMO team, M&A integration leads, Integration participants, Operations and HR professionals

What you will learn

Learn how to leverage core competencies and produce a well-defined plan for Integrating strategy, approach and methods focusing on operating performance to drive M&A valuation.


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