Global PMI Partners specializes in Post-Merger Integration (PMI)

We are an experienced team of post-merger integration consultants that deliver market-relevant advice to our clients worldwide who want to build lasting domestic and cross-border businesses. Our global team includes only seasoned senior-level consultants, which allows us to deliver services at a higher standard, with greater consistency and more cost-effectiveness than a mixed team of trainees and experienced professionals. When it comes to results, Global PMI Partners has a reputation for delivering exceptional consistency and speed to each project.

Where others follow a rigid, one-size-fits-all process, our standards are different. We’re valued for our dynamic, customized execution on the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to M&A success.  Learn more about our services.

Focus on M&A Integration

We concentrate on what we do – M&A integration and separation.

Knowledge transfer

While we are working with you, we are part of your organization, transferring our knowledge to your team.

Cross-border experts

We understand the complexities and risks across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries.


We are all M&A post-merger integration experts. We do not engage juniors.

Local everywhere

Local integration experience wherever your acquisition is.

Associate network

Our ‘knowledge economy’ structure ensures the best team, not just the available team.

When the long-term implications of your deal matter most,
Global PMI Partners delivers focus, value and enduring success.

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