We collaborate with leading companies to extend internal integration teams. We help our clients prepare for business transformations by providing expertise, on-demand resources, and localized knowledge and assets.

M&A Integration Services

We support deal teams and lead integration efforts to maximize deal value while minimizing risk. We pride ourselves in working alongside client internal teams to transfer our expertise – a true differentiator in our approach. We see ourselves as part of our client’s internal team.


  • M&A strategic analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Negotiation advice


  • Integration strategy
  • 100 days integration planning
  • Risk map and mitigation planning


  • Post-merger integration execution
  • Operations & centre of excellence development
  • Deal and integration audit

Carve-out Services

We assist our clients with the efficient disposal of regional and international assets by taking the seller’s perspective while fully understanding the buyer.


  • Portfolio screening and preliminary scoping for Business Divestment
  • Disposal principles and mandates

Separation Planning

  • Plan disposal operations, materials, contacts and process
  • Support due diligence, negotiation, signing and closing

Separation Execution

  • Implement transition operations and separation plan
  • Post closing follow-up and sell side implementation review

Joint Venture Services

We can assist you in setting up a Join-Venture(s) as part of your international growth strategy. We cover, in a globally consistent and integrated way, efforts to plan and execute seamlessly all or part of the following work steps:


  • JV strategy
  • JV strategy design

JV Planning

  • Synergy assessment
  • Integration program design
  • Day 1-90 planning
  • Transitional services setup
  • JV readiness assessments

JV Launch

  • JV program management
  • Post-launch assessment

Transformation Services

We provide business with a deep optimization skill set. We cover, in a globally consistent and integrated way, your efforts to plan and execute seamlessly all or part of the following work steps:

Capability Assessment

  • Hands-on process assessment, gap analysis and capability roadmap
  • Change readiness scorecard

Process Design

  • Kaizen orientated workshop sessions and customer centric approaches
  • Automated process modelling focused on implementation versus documentation


  • Application of program project, and progress management rigor
  • Assembly of best-of-breed assets to effectively integrate, maintain and optimize solutions

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