Helping the Impact of Local Organizations

At Global PMI Partners, we are local everywhere and our local firms contribute to social good efforts that impact local communities. Below are some of the organizations that we support from around the globe.

Atlanta Mission

Global PMI Partners USA supports the Atlanta Misson, a Christian nonprofit ministry that meets each person where they are, in their unique circumstances, to provide customized services to help them overcome the cause of their homelessness.

Corporate Social Responsibility 1

Global PMI Partners Belgium supports Bos+, a non profit organization dedicated to forest conservation. We sponsor one tree per billable client hour.

Milano per la scala

Global PMI Partners Italy supports The Fondazione Milano per la Scala, a non-profit established in November 1991, with the exclusive purpose of promoting, fostering and supporting the Teatro alla Scala.

Royal Geographical Society

Global PMI Partners UK supports the Royal Geographical Society, a learned society and professional body for geography in the UK and across the world, by helping to support grants to students, who through their exploratory travels, are contributing to further science and nature; and how best to protect our planet for future generations.


Global PMI Partners Sweden, supports the Stockholms Stadsmission, a non-profit organization that works for a more humane society through social care, work integration and education.

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