Digital Industry M&A

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Live, Online May 14
Start Time:
9:00 AM Pacific, Noon Eastern
Duration: 1 Hour

About This Webinar

Join Global PMI Partners US Partner, Stefan Hofmeyer, as a featured panelist on Digital Industry M&A: Bringing Clarity to Chaos, hosted by Momenta Partners

Who Should Attend:

C-Suite Management Teams, Corporate Development Teams, SMBs driving change related to:

  • PE Platform Growth
  • Corporate Technology Rationalization
  • Digital Company Economies of Scale
  • Lagging Company Transformation

What You’ll Learn:

M&A is increasingly critical in the Digital Industry market (i.e. the digitization and associated integration of digital technologies in the industrial sector) and is the primary way fast-followers who face disruption can react before they lose market share and profitability. However, identifying the right acquisition strategy in a rapidly changing market requires much more than choosing a company from a landscape diagram of logos. How does a company in energy, manufacturing, industrial, transportation or logistics find the right targets that leverages their “crown jewels” and their “opportunity to win”? Even with a crisp strategy, how do you identify value drivers and create a clear integration plan for success?

This webinar will be moderated by Doug Harp, Managing Partner of Momenta Advisory in association with a panel of thought leaders and experts in Digital Industry M&A. This includes Stefan Hofmeyer, Partner, Global PMI Partners, Bill O’Such, Principal Partner of Momenta and Ben Tao, Strategy Partner with Momenta.

  • M&A trends in the Digital Industry
  • How M&A ensures you aren’t left behind in a growing market and can leap-frog the competition
  • How do you tell the difference between a good and a bad M&A strategy?
  • Why conventional M&A via Investment Bankers won’t work at this stage of the market?
  • How to identify the right targets in a dynamic and immature market
  • How to ensure success in an M&A transaction from discovery to post-deal optimization?


Stefan Hofmeyer
US, Canada and South America

– About Global PMI Partners –

Global PMI Partners specialize in post-merger integration (PMI) services that help our clients optimize the result of their merger and acquisition activity — whether this activity involves cross-border deals or local transactions.

Clients rely on us for our customized approach and strategy, and our ability to address their unique operational, technical and cultural complexities. Our global footprint allows us to create an even greater impact, driven by seasoned merger integration specialists skilled at delivering local market advice. We know how much is riding on the success of your merger or acquisition, and we are prepared to do everything it takes to help ensure that your post-merger integration produces sustainable results and synergies you expect.

Regardless of your market or industry, the post-merger integration period can be a complex, high-stakes balancing act. We are ready to help you plan and execute a PMI plan, tailored to your organization, to effectively control the risks that can come with a merger or acquisition. For expert advice and support — wherever you are in the transaction lifecycle — Reach out to a Partner to learn about how we can help you.

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