Driving Value from Sourcing & Procurement in Mergers and Acquisitions 1

About this course

This 90-minute interactive program provides Insights into how M&A professionals and executives can drive value from sourcing and procurement both pre- and post-deal.

Course structure

  • Introduction and overview 
  • Understanding the value potential from procurement in M&A 
  • Financial Returns: How to assess the benefits case – how to establish if this should be an important focus for your current and planned M&A projects 
  • What are the biggest challenges and how can these be addressed in integration and carve out scenarios? 
  • Overview of Best Practices (Pre and post-Deal) 
  • Planning and Execution 
  • Recap and Take-Away
Driving Value from Sourcing & Procurement in Mergers and Acquisitions 2INSTRUCTOR

Howard Price

  • Howard has international consulting experience working across many different industries and M&A scenarios.
  • His expertise covers : CPO, Cost Reduction for major organisations in the private and public sectors. 
  • Strategy Development, Organisation design, Procurement and Supply Chain, 
  • Cost Reduction, Strategic Sourcing. Procurement Outsourcing, Procurement IT systems and technology applications. 
  • Driving benefit from IT investments.


Who should attend

Executives, investors, Procurement and M&A professionals

What you will learn

Executives, procurement and M&A professionals will gain a deeper understanding of the value opportunities from Sourcing and Procurement, how develop a plan to realize that value, and how to approach the delivery of synergies and other benefits.



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