Evolution of China M&A and our Latest CCTV Coverage

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Not every day do we get featured on China’s national and international CCTV broadcasts and on multiple Chinese business news agencies. January 15th, 2016 was such a day for my business partners and I, when our decades of work on post merger integration (PMI) and timing of outbound China M&A interest came together.

Global PMI Partners Beijing Partner Robert Yu discusses the importance of PMI on CCTV
(Also available at CCTV news site 30 Minute mark – Click Here)

Since the start of China’s modern capitalism in the late 1970s, Chinese businesses have become a major economic force.  We now see Chinese companies moving from acquiring hard assets such as mines, petrochemical companies, and real estate to acquiring name brands such as Volvo Cars (Geely), the IBM PC business and Motorola (Lenovo), Smithfield Foods (Shuanghui International Holdings Limited), AMC Theaters (Wanda Group), and most recently Wanda Group’s Legendary Entertainment acquisition (producing movies such as Jurassic World,Straight Outta Compton, and Steve Jobs just last year). These acquisitions are more complex and require well planned integration.

Unlike dealmaking, post merger integration typically does not make headlines -it is not flashy. Our work is to ensure acquired businesses are successfully integrated and employees, customers, and vendors are retained and energized.

Full speech to Chinese executives on key success factors for cross-border M&A
(All full speeches found on Tencent – Click Here)

Even in western business, post merger integration can be overlooked as deal makers move on to the next deal and operations teams are stuck with both completing their day jobs and tackling how to integrate a newly acquired entity.

We are excited to see recognition of post merger integration in press. As Chinese and other international companies look abroad, they will succeed based on diversity, strong corporate cultures that are inclusive of local cultures, and well planned integrations.

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Thanks to influencers, contributors, and sponsors who have supported my China related work. I look forward to building new cross-border relationships with you.

The China Times, Beijing Jiaotong University, Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business, the late Robert D. Parker, Robert Yu, Matthew Brandt, Terrance Philips, Eric Crown, Midaxo, Holmes Stoner, Shelly Kraft and SNN, Yu Ying Learning Center, Professor John Rehfeld, Dr. John Scully, Patrick Woock, Crystal Ma, Winny Wong, Bai Hua, Dr. Demos Vardiabasis, Matthew Wisla, Compass Investor Relations, Upright Position Communications, Magstone Law, and many others.

Additional Global PMI Partners Press Coverage in China

CCTV Chinese News Report at 25:37
Summary of Speaker Views

Andrew Scola (GPMIP UK Partner)

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Makoto Ideno (GPMIP Japan Partner)

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2: http://www.chinatimes.cc/article/53343.html

Thomas Kessler (GPMIP Germany Partner)

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Stefan Hofmeyer (GPMIP USA Partner)

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Christophe Van Gampelaere (GPMIP Belgium Partner)

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Additional News Links – click here

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