BA acquisition of BMI 1

Our experience

$172.5m acquisition integration, TSA management, divestment of bmi Baby and bmi Regional

“Extremely valuable with the integration project. Prior to Chris’s arrival the integration project was starting to flounder (in my view), not for a lack of effort but a lack of direction and co-ordination… a very focused individual and good at getting the various parties aligned and delivering requirements… with a plan to get back on track and ensure delivery. Disciplined & tough on delivery expectations but very fair under the circumstances and very encouraging… It’s been great working with you & watching you in action…”

— Dave Exon, Engineering Director

“A pleasure working with such a consummate professional and my task, and no doubt those of my colleagues, would have been considerably more difficult if it hadn’t been for your constructive organisation and guidance…”

— Ian Mattimoe, Director of Safety and Security

  • A Global PMI Partners Associate Partner managed the IMO on the bmi side of integration, reporting to the BA Managing Director as a member of the BMI leadership team, leading all project delivery activity
  • Set-up & managed 20+ key programme workstreams, overseeing all directors with line management responsibility to ensure safe and rapid integration of all operations and functions, including staff, engineering & fleet into BA
  • Several workstreams included the management of TSAs as part of the divestment of bmi Baby and bmi Regional, along with the closedown of all bmi head office departments
  • Completed in 9 months, the first 6 of which bmi continued to operate as a fully functioning airline to all pre-acquisition sectors and destinations.

Global PMI Partners project team

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