Integration risk assessment to realize synergies for souvenir product manufacturers

“It was impressive how Global PMI Partners quickly gained an understanding of what was required on our restructuring project. The process they use to manage the project is both robust and understandable. The way they worked with our internal resource was seamless – the project was completed on time and within budget.”

— Company representative, Company

CharlesProducts-Techstyles 1

  • CPI and Techstyles design and sell souvenir product to resorts, national parks, zoo & aquariums, breweries and wineries
  • The deal represents a move into the apparel manufacturing for CPI with lower costs, rapid turnaround and greater control over the value chain
  • Global PMI Partners was brought in to mitigate the integration risk due to lack of integration experience and general team lead bandwidth
  • Identified, setup and oversaw over 50 project initiatives as part of the acquisition including new payroll processor for the combined org, new warehouse, cross sales strategy, financial synergies, etc.
  • The Cross Selling program initiative was the biggest deal thesis driver. The goal was to sell CPI hard goods and Techstyles soft goods with their largely exclusive customer bases and disparate product offerings and customer segments (roughly 40 customers overlap across 4000+ combined accounts)

Product Manufacturing

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M&A Integration

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