Global PMI Partners helps IG Design Group Americas division plan and execute the acquisition of Impact Innovations Inc., a trendsetter in consumer products, including seasonal gift packaging, décor, displays, and promotional products.

Design Group Success Story 1


  • THE ACQUISITION of Impact Innovations was the largest and most complex deal Design Group had ever attempted. Integration planning & execution expertise was needed to ensure the transaction delivered on the integration goals and avoided business disruption.

  • THE INTEGRATION was carefully orchestrated around key system implementations and a manufacturing facility closure. To complicate matters further, work was to be completed by specific dates to avoid disrupting the production cycle of their retail calendar.

Industry: Consumer products
Employees impacted: 600
Locations integrated: 5 (across the US, UK & South Asia)
Team size 4 FTEs
Engagement length 5 months


  • An IMO (Integration Management Office) covering 10 functional workstreams and nearly 30 people
  • Created 18-month integration roadmap which sequenced all major workstreams and documented all key functional milestones
  • Created 3 tiger teams to address mission-critical workstreams related to systems implementation, South Asia operations consolidations and customer billing projects
  • Global PMI Partners created integration playbook to support future acquisition activities


[show-team orderby=’lastname’ ids=’52476,5506,52479′ url=’active_custom’ layout=’grid’ style=’img-square,text-left,img-above,3-columns’ display=’photo,position,location,name’ img=’125,125′]


Global PMI Partners managed Day 1 communications and advised on an approach for sensitive manufacturing closure and production transfer workstream communications. As a result, employees in Atlanta and Memphis joined IG Design Group and Impact Innovations Inc. colleagues from every U.S. location to hear from the CEOs about the bright future and growth potential that will result from joining forces.

Design Group Success Story 2


Global PMI Partners has a reputation for delivering exceptional consistency, speed & customized execution on the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are so critical to M&A success.

Design Group Success Story 3

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