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Conducted the merger feasibility due diligence of Duchtone (mobile), Casema (cable) and an ISP

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  • These different companies were owned by France Telecom in the Netherlands. The group wanted to ensure it was possible to decide on the merger between these firms, in order to convince the minority shareholder of Dutchtone (ABN Amro) to approve this process.
  • We worked with the CEO of the 3 firms to get the information required for a legal and tax due diligence, and conducted this process monitoring a major Dutch law firm. At completion, we showed to the minority shareholders that the merger process could be decided on.
  • In parallel, we worked on the integration operational aspects to identify the potential areas of synergies and risks and drafted an integration plan.
  • The merger was eventually stopped with the sell-off of Casema and Dutchtone

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