Our experience

Developing EMC’s M&A Framework and Processes

  • Managed the process of assessing EMC’s current PMI processes over all functional areas including HR, Finance, IT, Operations among others in order to create an update PMI manual and toolbox
  • In order to conduct such a process, we’re leading an exploratory process, learning current EMC’s PMI mode of work, gathering benchmark best practices of other global companies (Cisco, Intel, Marvel, others)
  • The output of this process is a clear and defined ‘execution driven’ manual that includes all integration management sub processes, governance definitions and mode of setting it up, design of toolbox including all elements that should be handled within the PMI process
  • Worked with C-level Execs and other senior stakeholders on regular basis, including Bus management teams, EMC M&A team, executives from over 10 benchmark companies (over 60 people).

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