Rapid re-definition of a major R&D transformation program to underpin Scientific Innovation, one of the five core strategic growth drivers for a $5bn global consumer healthcare business


  • Designed the program of programs to deliver a global Consumer Healthcare 3-year business strategy. This included execution of 5 core pillars of the ‘Winning Formula’ strategy, one of which was Scientific Innovation
  • The global R&D team had been tasked with defining and implementing a transformation program to underpin delivery of this strategic pillar, but had not made the progress the CEO had been looking for. A Global PMI Partners Partner was engaged to turn it around.
  • Working with the R&D leadership team in the US and UK, within 4 weeks, the R&D transformation program had been clearly defined into 11 core workstreams, including: Consumer First, Metrics, Open Innovation, Speed to Market, Value Engineering, Global Resourcing, Regulatory Speed to Approval, Collaboration with Pharma, Scientific Excellence Capability, IT and Comms
  • Within 6 weeks, the global R&D leadership team presented their new plan to the CEO, achieving approval in all product areas: nutrition, wellness, oral health and skin health, the science and innovation behind many of GSK’s global brands, such as Sensodyne


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