Enterprise M&A integration process and planning support for an acquired cloud-based software firm


  • Acquisition of an Israeli based enterprise IT application firm
  • Developed acquisition integration competency for acquiring 100,000+ person professional services firm across 6 countries.
  • Deal rational – establish new services, increase competitiveness of legacy services. Deal value $200 to $300 million
  • Global PMI Partners role was to establish post-merger integration tools and methodology, fill gaps in the team to execute integration tasks starting pre-deal, engage acquired company to assess culture and ability to be integrated
  • Key challenges – inexperienced M&A integration team, divergent corporate cultures, impact of acquisition on target staff
  • Value delivered – team of 4 Global PMI Partners FTEs co-located in the USA, Europe, and Israel developed technology tools and full M&A integration approach
  • Provided initial integration process strategy and executed initial integration tasks and management efforts, handing over to internal team members when prepared
  • Left in place repeatable M&A integration methods for future serial acquisitions

Technology Hardware

Services Delivered
M&A Integration

Countries Involved

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