Carve-out of two consumer brands, TSA management, European head office setup establishment and setup of Jack Link’s EMEA business

“‘Consulting differently’ is what we experienced. Culture eats strategy for lunch and the biggest benefit of working with Global PMI Partners was cultural fit – Global PMI Partners is not a typical consulting firm.”

— Jan Pieter Schretlen, Managing Director EMEA at Jack Links

Unilever JL

  • Jack Link’s acquired two European Unilever brands, Peperami and BiFi, which complimented Jack Link’s position as the #1 Global meat snacks company, their first major presence in Europe
  • Global PMI Partners ran the carve-out, TSAs, integration and business setup for Jack Link’s across Europe
  • Global PMI Partners’s first task was to identify the best country and city for Jack Link’s EMEA headquarters and lead the recruitment of the EMEA organization
  • A team of 11 Partners and Associates from across Europe worked with Jack Link’s Execs and Unilever carve-out teams to set up that the Jack Link’s EMEA business under TSA
  • Global PMI Partners work stream leads operated as change managers and interims on behalf of Jack Link’s
  • Global PMI Partners managed the Transition Services Agreement

Consumer Products Supply

Services Delivered
M&A Carve-Outs

Countries Involved
United Kingdom
United States

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