Sold mobile gambling software provider Mobenga to gambling software giant Playtech Ltd (pub)

“(The team) was hand-picked by myself to coach me during growth. To my satisfaction, he also decided to invest himself in the company. It was a very valuable cooperation for strategy refinement, managerial matters, marketing and sales as well as industry knowledge in general. Valuable input was also received during the negotiation process and integration with Playtech.”

— Christian Rajter, CEO Mobenga

Mobenga Playtech 1

Invested and joined board during 2nd financing round in 2009.

Developed company from 5 employees and €0,3M in 2009 turnover to 25 employees and over €3,6M in turnover in 14 months. 2014 the company had over €10M in turnover and over 100 employees.

Sold Mobenga in 2011 for €23,8M to Playtech, in a revenue share deal. Customer base, complementary products, and technology leadership were the main business rationale.

Assisting the CEO on a personal basis during growth and post-merger integration.

Mobenga platform is today the foundation for Playtech’s mobile offering in all product verticals like Casino, Bingo and Poker and not only Sportsbook as was the case when bought.

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Media & Marketing

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M&A Integration

Countries Involved
United Kingdom

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