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  • The acquisition of Orange by T-Mobile joined the number 3 and 4 in the Dutch market place and followed the trend that three major mobile carriers owning their network infrastructure is a healthy model to balance competitive forces and economies of scale to operate profitably.
  • Following the development of the PMI guideline for Deutsche Telekom we were asked to manage the synergy identification, evaluation and prioritization process including setting up the tracking of the synergies.
  • We worked closely with T-Mobile’s CFO, Finance Director and the functional controllers in developing the benefits, integration cost, capital expenditure needs to devise a clear focus on all synergies across each function in the organization.
  • We modeled the impact of each synergy on P&L and balance sheet and demonstrated when the impact would be expected to show on the P&L and Cash Flow statement.
  • The prioritization of the synergies provided a clear focus on the integration priorities and the companies ability to drive its growth plan

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