Strategic communications to present a united vision for Maersk’s €2.3b purchase of Dutch-listed P&O Nedlloyd

“Positive investor, employee and customer reaction – highly favourable media coverage praising a new era in Maersk “openness” was critical to winning support.”

P&O Nedlloyd & Maersk 1

Bureau van Dijk is a software company based in Brussels and employs 850 people worldwide (€ 300m revenue). The company develops integrated services, combining business data and analysis functionalities, addressing credit, investment, procurement, and compliance professionals.

  • Building a team of expert advisors and sales representatives from scratch
  • People and client management
  • Creation and implementation of various processes
  • Preparation and provision of training programmes for the EMEA offices
  • Management advisory during a politically charged environment to the Iberian, Eastern European and Middle-East offices

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Services delivered
M&A Integration

Countries involved

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