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Integration of Base79 and ViralSpiral into Rightster, and advise to Rightster Board and Management on strategy, leadership and TOM

  • Support Rightster with simultaneous integration of two acquisitions:
    • Base79, the largest Multi Channel Network (MCN) outside the US, with a strong Youtube-based product offering, including over 1500 channels (750 million views per month)
    • ViralSpiral, one of the leading management companies for Viral content
  • The acquired products and services were highly complimentary to Rightster’s core (off-Youtube) technology platform. The challenge: how to integrate the three businesses to maximise the deal value, without any conflict or cannibalisation of revenues
  • Global PMI Partners worked with Rightster’s management team to design a new Target Operating Model for the combined businesses, based on the multi-platform approach to connecting advertisers, publishers and content owners
  • Managed all business work streams globally and presented the integration plans to the Board, and advised Non-Exec
    Directors on other aspects of the business’ strategy and structure
  • Typical challenges were faced by the business in early pre-profit phase of growth, including talent retention, strategic priorities
    and product roadmap delivery. Global PMI Partners supported Rightster across these areas

Global PMI Partners project team

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