Creation of one of Europe’s strongest players in cash tills

“We are extremely satisfied with our integration partner Global PMI Partners for the integration project. With the good help from Global PMI Partners we were able to keep up a high pace and secure a successful integration between Trivec and ETC.”

— Johan Ekesiöö, Chairman of the Board, Trivec

Trivec integration

Trivec, the market leader in Scandinavia in cash tills bought the Belgium ETC cash till provider to create one of the strongest brands in Europe. Global PMI Partners:

  • Led the integration from strategy to creation of the new company
  • Creation of the integration strategy and integration plan
  • Setup of new European company structure, organization, and management team
  • Leadership of the new management team for the first 100 days
  • Creation of new functions for product management, finance, supply and purchasing
  • Establishment of new CTO, COO, CFO and CEO roles
  • Setup of a new Swedish organization
  • IT integration


Services Delivered
M&A Integration

Countries Involved

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