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Financial Services

Emerging business drivers in banking, insurance, asset and investment management impact M&A strategy, planning and execution. Our deep understanding of these areas and our ability to bring relevant skills, expertise and strategic leadership to develop customized solutions, make Global PMI Partners well positioned to support financial services businesses. 


PMI Challenges:

M&A transactions in the financial services space are dominated by several common challenges, including: 

  • Navigating the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape and constraints—both strategically (pre-deal) and at implementation (post deal) 
  • Optimising operational platforms and complex, cross-functional systems and processes for efficiencies and to better serve customers 
  • Cultural alignment in the front, middle and back-office environments, whilst improving and maintaining operational resilience and control 
  • Leveraging new technologies that have synergies with the organisation’s strategic intent, growth aspirations and values 
  • Deployment of new target operating models that provide immediate value and support cost savings objectives 
  • Fintech: new ways of working are appearing in the market, banks and insurances that are able to drive these new approaches will be in a dominant position in the future 


How we can help / Our value proposition:

  • Developing integration strategies that provide critical benefits for planning, delivering and embedding shared values and leadership 
  • Supporting cross-border acquisitions utilising global and local expertise  
  • Ensuring functional alignment of complex operations through reorganisation and IT strategies requiring technological solutions and automation techniques  
  • Driving growth by leveraging in-depth sector knowledge and technologies that enhance innovation and insight 

Our highly competent international (Americas, EMEA and APAC) resources can be accessed at pace and at lower cost to support the transitional journey using a flexible consulting and resourcing model that is unique in the industry and sector. 

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