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At Global PMI Partners we work with clients across many industry sectors. Our approach to consulting necessarily requires teamwork and collaboration with you because we believe that no one external knows your industry or your business like you do. However, food trends and specifics do impact M&A strategy and execution which vary from other industries. We understand these and bring lessons, customized solutions and proven experience from other food M&A deals.

Industry trends

Consumer taste globalisation versus defence of typical local products
Search for premium products versus search of the cheapest products
High level of industrialisation
Growth of food services (ORECA, etc.)
Increase in the world population and consequent needs of more food
Investments on Safety; fear of contamination
New habit “Home sweet home”: home is the new going out
Attention to health
Environmental constraints

M&A trends

Integrations in order to enter foreign markets
Integrations for strategic sourcing (larger purchasing power)
Integration with bio-engineering companies/competencies

PMI challenges specific to this sector

Sales-related topics; branding
Identification of supply and operation chain
Cultural integration – international transformation – change management
Regulatory compliance across different countries
Definition of contracts with suppliers
Global scale of operation

How we can help

Support cross-border acquisitions via local expertise and IMO expertise
Provide industry skills
Provide high-value add support
Deep knowledge of cultural differences

Global PMI Partners specific value prop

International presence in particular countries with a strong food industry like France and Italy
Very significant supply chain and IT expertise
High-leverage consulting model – optimization of internal skills

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