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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry spans a wide range of operational models, company sizes and business maturity levels.

We define this sector as “the complete value chain from suppliers to farmers to food processing to retailing to either HoReCa or to the large food retailers.” Common denominators include dependence on weather and potentially adverse biological factors, often low margins and price pressure from the retail chains.

In addition, food trends and technological developments impact M&A strategy and execution.

PMI Challenges:

Challenges in food & beverage post-merger integration:
• Sales-related topics; branding and exploiting cross-sales synergies
• Identification of supply and operation chain
• Creating strategic alliances
• Cultural integration, international transformation, change management
• Regulatory compliance across different countries and geographies
• Bespoke IT systems with EOL issues
• Global scale of operations

How we can help / Our value proposition:

We understand the food and beverage industry and the dynamics that shape it. We bring lessons, customized solutions and proven experience from related M&A deals.
• Support cross-border acquisitions via local expertise and IMO expertise
• Provide industry skills
• Provide high-value-add support
• Deep knowledge of cultural differences
• International presence in particular countries with a strong food industry such as Holland, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy · Significant supply chain and IT expertise
• High-leverage consulting model – optimization of internal skills

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