Global PMI Partners Shakes Up Industry

Greentarget, a strategic public relations firm focused exclusively on business-to-business organizations, recently published their 2017 Management Consulting Outlook.  Global PMI Partners is recognized on page 5 under Sharing the Leftovers: Niche Companies Shake Up Industry:

Small firms are breaking ground both in terms of firm management and financial performance – disrupting the market from the ground up. Growth among small firms has been attributed to highly specialized firms that can carve out strongholds in niche markets. For example, in the M&A advisory space, the large-scale strategy, audit and consulting firms can use their brands to secure a significant portion of the market. However, the shifting landscape is reducing the advantages of traditional groups, and new consulting models by the likes of Global PMI Partners and Eden McCallum are transforming how the best projects are resourced from strategy to technology consulting. Highly specialized M&A boutiques are chipping away to secure their own stronghold in the market. “A few small consultancies specializing in M&A are increasingly winning work with private equity and corporate clients who are looking for a better alternative,” writes Global PMI Partners.

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