Global PMI Partners UK and Xiatech

Global PMI Partners UK signs partnership deal with technology experts Xiatech Consulting.
July 2020 | Press Release

Bulletin: Global PMI Partners UK have signed a partnership deal today with Xiatech Consulting – specialists in technology strategy, architecture and transformation. This exciting partnership will give Global PMI Partners’ client’s access to a platform that will significantly improve the speed and reduce the cost of technology integration.


Mark Bevan – Partner, Global PMI Partners UK: “The technology and services available from Xiatech will provide our clients significant advantage in technology migration and integrating across multiple systems without costly and inflexible point to point integration whilst rapidly creating a single view of real-time data for management reporting and operations.”

About Global PMI Partners

Global PMI Partners is a M&A integration consulting firm, specializing in post-merger integration, that helps mid-market companies around the world by delivering exceptional consistency, speed and customized execution on the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are critical to M&A success.

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