December 2020 | Press Release

GLOBAL PMI Partners UK has signed a strategic partnership with Jersey Change Management firm Marbral Advisory to support clients in the Channel Islands through integrations and mergers.

Marbral Advisory is a leading change management specialist consultancy servicing clients in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, UK and Europe. The firm delivers change and advisory services assisting clients in both the public and private sectors to effectively plan, drive and embed change in their organisations. The firm is spearheaded by CEO Leonie McCrann, who is supported by a team of senior change professionals.

The partnership of the two firms will bring a new solution to clients in the Channel Islands combining global M&A expertise with local cultural and organisational change knowledge and capability. The team will help clients achieve desired value from acquisitions and divestment strategies. Further, they will also provide a range of specific M&A services tailored to the unique needs of clients, including one-day executive workshops, health checks (ensuring the integration or divestment projects are set up for success), and diagnostics (e.g. maximising value from previous acquisitions). Post merger integration will be strengthened by robust change management strategies and implementation.

Mark Bevan, UK Partner, Global PMI Partners, says:

‘GPMIP UK Ltd is delighted to partner with Marbral Advisory and is excited to be able to bring our highly compelling client value proposition and proven M&A capabilities to the Channel Islands.’

Leonie McCrann, CEO, Marbral Advisory, says:

‘There is an authentic synergy between GPMIP and Marbral Advisory. The ethos of both companies is to employ only the best people, exceed clients’ expectations and deliver on time and on budget. GPMIP’s on-demand model means that the client only pays for the experienced resources they actually need, and only when they actually need them and then at a price point that their competitors simply cannot compete against and this is a methodology we respect. I envisage a strong partnership between our businesses that will benefit Channel Island clients by combining global expertise with local know-how.’

About Global PMI Partners

Global PMI Partners is a M&A integration consulting firm, specializing in post-merger integration, that helps mid-market companies around the world by delivering exceptional consistency, speed and customized execution on the complex operational, technical and cultural issues that are critical to M&A success.

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