GuentherHandbook of Modern Administrative Management

Co-Authored by Global PMI Partners Partner, Guenther Jauck

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Handbook of Modern Administrative Management 2

The crisis of the financial sector in 2008 evolved subsequently into a veritable crisis of public budgets. Massive savings in public spending, not only in the euro area, but also in the rest of Europe, the United States, and other countries are constantly challenged. This saving pressure and the requirements for standardization and control of the national financial management increasingly require more efficient governance in the public and quasi-public sector. The contributions of this book therefore deal starting from the latest developments in the stability criteria with modern concepts more economical and convenient procurement and service delivery. The change in public accounting, modern management concepts as well as restructuring, investment and financial risk management form a second focus. The role of public budgets with subsidies and corporate restructuring as well as their contribution to sustainable development are also highlighted as exhaustive questions on corruption and liability issues for public officials. Leading practitioners from the private and public economy, as well as renowned representatives from the financial, tax and legal advisory professions introduced a wide range of knowledge and experience, and the modern administrative action from many perspectives is thoroughly illuminated.

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