How to Differentiate Between Busy Work and Value Creation in M&A Integrations

By GPMIP, Michael Holm and Thomas Kessler

At Global PMI Partners, we know that in some companies M&A executives take end-to-end responsibility for M&A from finding and signing deals to operational management of the acquired businesses. However, there can be a skill or continuity gap where deal team moves on to new deals and different operational leaders take over responsibility, executing existing day-to-day business while integrating the acquired business. Experienced acquisitive companies usually ensure executives from the deal team, including the deal champions, remain accountable longer term to ensure successful transition to operations and to tie deal drivers to integration priorities. But whoever delivers the integration, they face many challenges including assuring business continuity and avoiding a dip in revenues, developing a roadmap to deliver growth synergies, retaining key talent and delivering operational efficiencies and cost savings.

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