Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses have been under great competitive pressure for many years to become more efficient and flexible. Manufacturing 4.0 and lean techniques are transforming traditional industries to meet these challenges.

Global PMI Partners believes that the M&A process should be as smooth, efficient, and flexible as our clients’ operations. We have extensive experience across dozens of diverse and dynamic manufacturing sectors across the globe.

PMI Challenges Paragraph:

M&A transactions in the industrial and manufacturing space are dominated by several common challenges, including:

• Bringing diverse plant assets of different ages, conditions and designs up to a consistent high standard of performance.

• Developing a collective vision and culture across large workforces, often with different historical attitudes and expectations.

• Stretched management teams who have resourced to efficiently deliver Business As Usual (BAU) with little extra bandwidth to integrate an acquisition.

• Managing manufacturing footprint optimization and consolidation while minimizing business disruptions and regrettable losses.

• Navigating often complex safety, environmental and related regulatory issues and stakeholders throughout the integration process.

How we can help / Our value proposition:

At Global PMI Partners we are proud to be the most flexible specialist M&A consultancy in the market. By offering only experienced professionals and working on an as-needed basis, we augment in-house teams, adding extra expertise and capacity where (and only where) it is needed to de-risk our clients’ integrations and accelerate synergy delivery.

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