M&A Integration and Carve-out Services

Global PMI Partners’ integration and carve-out planning & execution services are informed by the collective experience from over 450 transactions across dozens of sectors. Our services can be applied to any size deal and are effective across a variety of transaction types. 

IMO MobilizationSM and Carve-out MobilizationSM

Integration Management Office (IMO) MobilizationSM and Carve-Out Management Office (CMO) MobilizationSM services are expressly designed for mid-market transactions and can be applied to any sector or industry. Our Mobilization programs employ a process driven approach to help management teams deliver the business and synergy objectives of their transaction. Our leaders will establish a short-term governance structure that empowers the transaction team and will deploy a battle-tested methodology for successfully managing any integration or carve-out challenge.

Client Challenges:

  • Minimal bandwidth for engaged personnel
  • Limited pre-close planning timeframe
  • Limited to no internal integration planning & execution expertise
  • Potential business continuity impacts
  • Delicate & evolving relationship with target
  • Unknown issues & risks

Deliverables and Value:

  • Mission critical direction defined and communicated early, providing “end state” vision to accelerate integration planning
  • Analysis of the operational consequences of different carve-out scenarios, perimeters and objectives
  • Key governance and project management challenges solved early, allowing teams to focus on planning
  • Transition to execution mode immediately post close drives momentum into the acquired and/or carved-out entity
  • Creates “bias for urgency” to get the bulk on integration work completed quickly
  • Well defined methodology, process, tools & templates minimize impacts on business continuity


Synergy Program Management – Organizational Design

Global PMI Partners’ leaders will work with you to define and deliver your organization design, based on clear design principles, both for Day 1 and for your desired strategic end state.

Client Challenges:

  • Effective alignment of organization design to business strategy
  • Having a clear and consistent framework to design your optimum organization, at leadership team, divisional and functional levels
  • Having a broad cross-section of worked examples from a range of industry sectors to benchmark and challenge internal preferences, options and thinking
  • Having the bandwidth and experience to objectively and rapidly facilitate working sessions with business and functional leaders to achieve aligned thinking, removing political and other barriers
  • Having sufficient bandwidth in the business and supporting HR functions to drive multiple, simultaneous changes to organization structures and reporting lines, typical of integration scenarios

Deliverables and Value:

  • Enhance business performance by aligning your structure and people to your strategy, looking at your organization and understanding what changes would make it perform better – and then delivering those changes
  • Strip out unnecessary organizational complexity, role ambiguity, and simplify your work processes to develop more effective organization units, improve cross-functional working, and reduce costs
  • Streamline your decision making processes to clarify accountability and improve responsiveness and agility
  • Support to identify leadership team members, assess and retain key talent and maximize their contributions
  • Support for new leadership members to design and implement their organizations effectively and generate expected business results
  • Methodology, process, and templates for functional design, team and individual roles, as well as aligning performance management frameworks
  • Effective change management strategies to control resistance, promote communication and facilitate smoother implementation of key organizational changes
  • Detailed knowledge of cross-jurisdictional legal requirements concerning consultation and other factors to ensure compliance with relevant employment laws

Communications, Culture and Change Management

Culture is invariably quoted as a top priority for achieving integration success. It is a leading driver of deal success and the underlying solution to solve typical issues like integration delay, strategy clarification, and team incentivization. Global PMI Partners’ extensive experience and publications have crystallized a pragmatic approach to bridge cultural gaps and differences, manage the change process and enhance a clear and constant communication plan.

Client Challenges:

  • Addressing culture in the pre-signing phase
  • Communicating to stakeholders
  • Identifying your team’s integration readiness
  • Addressing culture in the post-closing phase

Deliverables and Value:

Cultural due diligence:

  • Walk away from the deal if needed
  • Culture-related negotiation advice
  • Insight in own culture

Communication Matrix; we work with you to formulate communication:

  • Internal, to board, management, employees, unions
  • External, to customers, suppliers, subcontractors, politicians, public
  • Aligned messages across FAQ, mail, letters, press, …
  • Timing
  • Translation

The VICARS integration readiness assessment helps identify how well your company scores on the 12 imperatives for successful integration

A methodological way to address value alignment


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