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Michael Holm is the Nordic Partner of Global PMI Partners, a consultancy specialising in M&A integrations, carve-outs and skills. He’s well qualified to help you with M&A integration with over 15years M&A experience and 30+ deals.

He has been with Global PMI Partners since 2010 working with clients every day on M&A integration in the Nordics and Europe. Prior to that he had a corporate career within strategy and M&A at Ericsson. He’s also one of the authors of the book Cross-border Mergers and Acquisition. Michael has direct and open style allowing you to quickly benefit from the session and get exactly what you want out of it.

If you’re a executive, CXO or Integration lead of a business about to go through a merger, acquisition or divestiture then you’ll be under pressure to deliver the deal objectives whilst continuing to manage and grow your business, mitigating all the risks inherent in doing M&A deals. We’ve seen that its integration that is the key to successful M&A. Good integration isn’t simply about following a process or playbook, to understand it you really need to have had experience of doing it.

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