GPMIP Operational Transformation Training

About this course

This 3 hour program covers the core competencies for M&A Integrating strategy, approach and methods focusing on operating performance to drive synergies, efficiencies and value creation.

The most productive and profitable acquisitions will mutually leverage core competencies and will have a well-defined plan and understand the upside early in the process.


Rich Dever

  • 20+ years of experience in post-acquisition integrations and leading teams throughout the world to deliver M&A value
  • Before joining Global PMI Partners, Rich held strategy, finance and operational leadership roles at Sequa Corporation, Steel Partners Holdings, The Timken Company and Stolle Machinery.   Rich has an Accounting and an MBA in Global Technological Innovation from The University of Akron. Rich is a Six Sigma Master Blackbelt and Lean Enterprise expert


Who should attend

Operations professionals, Functional Leads, PE firms, Privately owned businesses, Corporate leadership of public companies.

What you will learn

Learn how to leverage core competencies and produce a well-defined plan for Integrating strategy, approach and methods focusing on operating performance to drive M&A valuation.


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