Dirk Braune

Dirk Braune


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Dirk Braune

  • 35 years in Semiconductors and Telecom, at Philips, NXP and ST-Ericsson. Last 8 years in M&A, Carve Out , Post Merger Integration and Strategy.
  • Leading role in the wind down of ST-Ericsson, including divestment of activities, site closures and asset sell-off.
  • Leading role in the carve-out, merger and integration of parts of STM, NXP and Ericsson to form the ST-Ericsson JV.
  • Leading role in the purchase of Glonav and its integration into NXP.
  • Leading role in selling NXP’s Cordless Business to DSPG, including carve-out.
  • Managed Philips Semiconductor’s Cordless Business from 1996-2006.
  • Has held R&D, marketing and general management positions within semiconductors and telecom.

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