Joseph Flynn

Joseph Flynn


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Joseph Flynn

Professional Background

  • Experienced transformation leader focused on acquisition integration and divestiture carve-out programs. Leads all workstreams through the full deal lifecycle: starting in due diligence, through announcement, day-1, execution and handoff to operations
  • Developed innovative integration management strategies blending the best of Agile Design techniques with traditional Synergy Capture techniques to keep deals firmly in the value creation zone
  • Financial modeling acumen ensures that critical deal scorecard metrics are driven into the integration plan, executed against and reviewed in quarterly governance sessions with the BoD
  • Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from Drexel and Villanova Universities; MBA from the Wharton School

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • 30+ deals completed with a wide variety of deal types: Stock/Asset Deals, HW/SW/IP/ Services Product Offerings, Domestic/ International, Pre-Revenue/Mature TargetCo
  • Each of these deal types have required tuned application of playbook material
  • Engages with deals early on with the Deal Team and begins with Due Diligence, Strategy Setting and Communications Planning. Moving into detail design of the Integration Strategy and Workstream Planning in a way that ensures that all workstreams are aligned to the deal thesis and goals set by the Board of Directors

Project Highlights

  • Worked at two serial acquirers in their Corp Dev teams executing an average of four to five deals per year:
    – Motorola was filling portfolio gaps as consumers were demanding more options in viewing their content away from the TV. Typical deals were in the $50m – $200m range
    – Computer Associates was historically a mainframe company and was positioning themselves via acquisition to deliver more modern technologies to companies running their data centers. At CA, he also carved out two business units for divestiture
  • Integrated $1.1b transformational deal of Rovi acquiring TiVo, a deal put together by a former colleague from Motorola
  • Consulting which provided due diligence analysis, integration strategy setting and workstream planning for clients who lacked the deal flow to staff an in-house team

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