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Thomas Kessler

Professional Background

A highly motivated Business Executive with 20 years of U.S., European, and Asian experience in the field of Merger Integration and Investment Banking. Thomas truly enjoys supporting businesses in managing the integration of transactions and joint ventures. M&A integration has been his passion since the mid 90’s.

This is how Thomas has supported over 30 merger integrations from large to midsized national to international; public, private, and family owned businesses in the past:

  • Identify criteria for integration success
  • Separate integration hurdles from deal breakers during due diligence
  • Identify, analyze, quantify, and prioritize synergies
  • Select “Day One Tasks” that focus your organization and avoid overwhelm
  • Communicate the right message and address specific urgent concerns
  • Provide focus to the organization on key priorities
  • Balance day-to-day integration work and tasks
  • Re-distribute positions based on merit, skills and responsibility, thereby avoiding pecking order fights and misguided distribution attempts
  • Communicate value creation in order to prolong momentum for the firm
  • Identify the behaviour sets that foster cultural integration.

His approach and experience typically provides a different and fresh perspective that changes the way management approaches M&A integration. Thomas is also a frequent keynote speaker and trainer on pre and post merger integration. He has done trainings around the world.

M&A Expertise

M&A strategy, integration focused strategic target selection, integration due diligence, operational due diligence, clean team, M&A transaction experience, integration pre-planning and readiness assessment, integration lead, integration management, office mobilization & execution, synergy analysis, valuation prioitization and implementation, organisational design incl. role & responsibility clarification pre merger, stakeholder analysis based communication, capital markets communication, culture assessment, carve-out & divestiture strategy & planning, TSA (transition service agreement) design & management, business turnaround, Global PMI Partners trainer.

Industry & Sector Experience

Telecom Services, Telecom Equipment, Technology (Hardware Electronics, Semiconductors Software, IT Services), Paper Machine Clothing, Medtech, Speciality Chemicals, Automotive Suppliers, Capital Goods, Financial Services (Banking, Asset Management).

Project Highlights

Thomas has worked international in the United States, South East Asia, China, India, Europe and the Middle East on a variety of merger integration, M&A, JV and IPO assignments. Thomas has built up, as a member of the global leadership team, post merger integration practice in the USA and Europe.


Thomas holds a BBA from Mannheim University, Germany, has completed his MBA in International Finance and Marketing at Business School Lausanne (Summa Cum Laude), and received a Master of Science in Auditing and International Controlling from Frankfurt University. Thomas also holds a degree as a Chartered European Finance Analyst.

A little more about Thomas

Thomas’ passion is in travelling and particularly in finding more about other cultures. He has been trained in applying the Enneagram and Transaction Analysis.

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