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Carlolof Borgudd


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Carlolof Borgudd

Professional Background

  • MSc in Business and Economics Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • Partner at Advince Group, a Management Consulting company with focus on Change management, processes and efficiency.
  • Advince also works with transformations IT Management, IT Due Diligence, IT mergers and carve-outs.
  • 20+ years hands-on experience from large Nordic companies (BPA, Bravida)
  • CIO Bravida/BPA Group, member of the Group Management Team (1996-2006)
  • CFO BPA EL AB/Interim CIO BPA Group, reported to the Group Management Team (1994-1996)
  • CFO & Controller BPA Måleri & Golv (1987-1994)
  • Native in Swedish, and fluent English, Norwegian and Danish

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Areas of expertise include Business Development, Project Management, Strategy work, Financial and IT control, Procurement and Management functions.
  • Considerable experience in communication with users, steering and management teams, and boards in both big and small organizations.
  • Focus on changing organizations in order to strengthen efficiency and competitiveness. Change management from the management team’s point of view, regarding financials and monitoring, business support, effective processes and different types of administrative development.
  • International experience in Scandinavia and Europe.
  • Responsible for a number of projects focusing on “digitalization” of processes and ways of working
  • Project management of complex Change Management projects

Project Highlights

  • Line: Transformation/Change Management/team building in corporate IT-management in merger between BPA and Telenor Installations as CIO
  • Consultant: IT DD for several companies with complex IT development organization in Nordics.
  • Consultant: Development of procurement solutions in 7.000 employee construction company (Nordics). Processes, tools, role descriptions and chosen applications.
  • Consultant: Responsible for ERP and other applications building up new pharmacy-cluster “Medstop”
  • Consultant: Responsible for upgrade and change of ERP and BPR in construction group, including previously acquired companies
  • Consultant: Responsible choosing and implementing ERP system in high tech company with production in China, Croatia and Sweden.
  • Consultant: Responsible for digitalization and ERP-changes several companies in Nordic
  • Sectors: Construction, Civil Work, Facility, Retail, Professional services, Pharma, High Tech

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