LouAnn Conner
Senior Executive Advisor

People profiles

LouAnn Conner

Professional Background

  • LouAnn leads integration program management offices for organizations requiring M&A integration and carve-out expertise
  • With 30 years of professional experience, LouAnn has held a variety of roles from Director of Engineering and Operations to Chief People Officer, COO and CEO
  • Prior to Global PMI Partners she worked for  PricewaterhouseCoopers, Honeywell (NASA) Booz Allen (DARPA), Teleglobe, Metromedia Fiber Systems and Kiewit in roles ranging from Director of Engineering and Operations, Program Lead, and GM 
  • LouAnn holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University, an MBA from Johns Hopkins University, an MSc and in-progress European – Asian DBA from Kedge BS (Bordeaux, France) with Hong Kong Baptist and Ranepa. She also holds certifications in Project Management, Corporate Governance, Change Management, and Business Process Improvement

M&A Skills & Expertise

  • Deep skills in the stand-up and hands-on delivery of integration management offices (IMOs) with respect to governance, process, and tools to optimize cost and revenue synergies of a merger or acquisition
  • Executive experience in people management, project management, change management, management consulting, and implementation of IT systems
  • Experience developing and implementing enterprise-wide solutions to address operational challenges, reduce risk and friction, and improve employee engagement 
  • Sought as a turn-around expert for troubled organizations and divisions
  • Extensive international and multi-cultural experience working in several countries from North America to Europe and Asia and working with companies and organizations with headquarters and locations across the globe
  • Has attended international universities and has taught globally

Professional Experience

  • Education: Stizzil, Asian Institute of Management, Golden Gate University, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University
  • Finance: PricewaterhouseCoopers, TIAA, Kizuana
  • Government: United Nations (Georgia Project Specific), NASA, DARPA
  • Life Sciences: NovaLeah, California Life Science Institute
  • Professional Services: Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Software: BD Guidance, ServiceRocketShipVIOONTROX, Bizon
  • Technology: Cisco, eBay, Honeywell, TSI, GenesysYosemite Energy Solutions, Water Design Japan, Hypercision, Squishy Robotics, Briefed, AquatecheParkomatPulpWorks, Water Design Japan, Squishy Robotics
  • Telecommunications: Kiewit Network Technologies, Teleglobe, Metromedia Fiber Network, WorldComm,
  • Consumer: American Greetings, Irnero
  • Utilities: Pacific Gas & Electric

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